Introducing Stratia Liquid Gold, Skincare Product Driven By Research

Essential Stratia Skin products. Image source:  @Stratiaskin

Essential Stratia Skin products. Image source: @Stratiaskin


Review of Stratia Liquid Gold

Skincare driven by research is music to my ears

If there’s one thing I’ve always struggled with in my skincare journey, it’s finding a go-to moisturiser that I’d pick on the days where I can’t decide what my face needs. A holy grail of sorts, but it’s not in my nature to use the term so loosely. But I’m proud to say that after 3 years, I’ve actually found something that I LIKE. I’m not even exaggerating this: there are too many products in the market, but with the combination of terrible fear-mongering marketing and overhyped formulation, it’s difficult to be impressed. 

Over the last 3 years or so of faithfully learning skin science and experimenting with product based on my needs, my skin has somewhat evolved from pure disco ball oily to a more manageable normal-oily combination. Having oily skin can be easy to manage: keep the skin hydrated, or opt for mattifying/waterproof products to help with oil control. Combination skin, I must admit, is a completely different ballgame. I’ve since learned to keep my products lightweight; opting for runnier textures that I can layer over and over. But with moisturiser it’s usually a little bit harder: what’s enough for the day is usually not for the night. I could layer more moisturiser. I could also mix a little facial oil. But I don’t want to do that. Because I am extra. 

Little background about Stratia

Stratia is an independent skincare brand based in the US. Their main shtick is skincare driven by research – music to my ears. Their packaging was not made to impress: the designs are clean cut, nothing too loud or dull. It’s how I was intrigued: rarely has a brand balanced its image with transparent research. If you look into their social media accounts, the owner regularly shows what goes into the products, and how the products are made. This proud display of their work has me thoroughly convinced that 1) they’re not here solely for profit and 2) they know their stuff. 

Enter the Stratia Liquid Gold

Stratia   Liquid Gold

Stratia Liquid Gold

There was a period of time few years back when this product hit the internet by storm. The hype has since died down: but I’m ashamed to say that I was sucked into the hype. I’m very interested in debunking hypes: so many products the likes of the Vichy Mineral 89 Booster Serum or the Some by Mi Miracle Toner I have looked upon with disdain, knowing full well that the marketing was designed to create buzz without supplementing with proper science and consumer education. But this brand...this brand was different. So I bought the Liquid Gold. In the US it retails for $24 dollars, but at the time I got off Shopee for $40 dollars. It’s pricey, but there are lot of pricier products that don’t do its job and I was willing to bet that this product would do me justice. 

New packaging

And I was right. This time I was right. The Stratia Liquid Gold, to date, is the most cosmetically elegant moisturiser I have used. The older packaging of the Liquid Gold, a glass bottle with a black pump was terrible: dispensed product poorly, and it was hard to get to every drop out. They took customer feedback well and repackaged almost all their products, giving the entire line a new look. The new packaging comes in an airless pump bottle with a beautiful sleek design, and dispenses the product seamlessly. 


You’ll find that this isn’t a simple product. Based on the manufacturing process, the Liquid Gold has 2 layers: a liquid layer and an oil layer. These layers are made separately before combined into the divine yellow texture. Looking at the ingredient list, I see several ingredients that I like: Niacinamide (or Vitamin B3) is my favourite all-rounder active ingredient that helps with combating inflammation and hyperpigmentation, alongside controlling oil production. The concentration of Niacinamide in this product is 5%, which makes it highly effective. Rose Hip oil and Sea Buckthorn extracts are wonderful for hydration and promoting regeneration of collagen. But the winning factor for this ingredient list are the Ceramides and Cholesterol, both of which are crucial for the repairing of the skin barrier. With these ingredients, this product is one that very easily ticks the boxes in my skincare checklist. 

I should highlight that this product does contain Urea and Parabens as preservatives. I have zero qualms with these ingredients: if anything, I am a firm believer that the “toxic [insert number] ingredients” in skincare is junk. Just because something broke a random person on the internet out, doesn’t mean it will do the same to you. There is no research done to prove that these particular ingredients are harmful to the skin. It is why I am very irked at marketing campaigns in skincare brands that bank on this fear-mongering: consumers must be aware of what goes into their products, instead of relying on what companies tell you. Do the research and decide what is best for you. 


The texture of the Liquid Gold is very luxurious: it’s a hybrid between a gel and cream, and though it may look a little rich for oily skin, the moisturiser is very lightweight, and spreads very easily. It sinks well into the skin and instead of forming an occlusive layer, I can feel my skin drinking up the product, giving me a soothed and hydrated feeling. 

Final thoughts

So many moisturisers I’ve tried either carry too much weight, such that my skin feels stuffy or suffocated, or they are so lightweight that they do nothing for the drier areas of my skin. In the day I go lighter because I want to avoid oil overproduction, but at night I always prefer something more nourishing. The Stratia Liquid Gold gives me the option to do both. In the day, one pump (or less) is enough to seal everything in, and at night, I use two or three pumps, sometimes to act as a sleeping mask on days my skin feels too dehydrated or irritated. And the effect is always guaranteed: the soothing comes immediately, and my skin feels softer and plumper the next morning.

This is my second bottle of the Liquid Gold, and I’m running out. I no longer see it on Shopee, which means that I now have to resort to buying it straight from the website. So I suppose that’s the only bad thing about this product: it’s not very accessible. Otherwise, I have nothing but praise for this particular product. And my readers know: I am not one to be impressed so easily.

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