Deep Cleansing Facial for Sensitive Oily Skin— Good or Bad for skin

The bane of having sensitive oily skin.. Probably one of the most troublesome skin types ever. Why? Finding products satisfying both concerns is a struggle — one bit too heavy or harsh, and your skin bites back. Deciding on which skincare products to buy is always challenging, especially on a tight budget.

Stubborn blackheads are common, along with acne and occasional breakouts for this skin type. Haven’t we all tried products from our neighbourhood Guardian or Watsons to high-end retailers like Sephora, but nothing seems to work (well, as fast as you want it to be). For me, I decided to try my luck with facial services.

But aren’t facials bad for sensitive skin types?

A common misconception is that facials are bad for people with sensitive skin - but why? Horror stories like massive sudden outbreaks, also known as ‘Purging’. Redness, inflammation and breakouts are common post-facial reactions. The skin is just detoxing, and you'll thank it later when it gives you that #postfacialglow you've seen all over Instagram.

 One nugget of advice is to be cautious when considering facials. Look out for specifically tailored targeting certain skin conditions. Always consult a dermatologist or aesthetician if you are uncertain!

DRx Medispa Essential Deep Cleansing Facial | Layersofskins | Singapore

DRx Medispa Essential Deep Cleansing Facial

Personally, I don't frequent aesthetic places (after years of doubtful experiences) unless they’re really good. Using my self-proclaimed trusty Internet research skills, I found DRx Medispa Essential Deep Cleansing Facial via Fave that fit the bill. I visited the outlet at Tong Building (less than 10 minutes’ walk from Orchard MRT.)

Skin analysis consultation at DRx Medispa

Skin analysis consultation at DRx Medispa

Lorna, a friendly and knowledgeable Senior Consultant made the whole facial process extremely comfortable. I told her my skin concerns during the skin analysis consultation and explained my skin type and my 'strawberry' nose, which referred to the stubborn blackheads on my nose that I’ve tried to remove for months. She was understanding, experienced and took the time to get to know my skin. 

We started off with a relaxing head massage before the facial commenced.

Fave DRx Medispa Essential Deep Cleansing Facial Singapore | Layersofskins

Derma-infuser Deep Cleanse

Using their DERMA-INFUSER machine, Lorna used a crystal tip to unclog and remove stubborn dead skin cells on the surface. Think mini vacuums. Imagine all the gunk on the complexion being sucked into a black hole — truly satisfying.


Extractions seem frightful at first, but they do add value to our skin. It clears out comedones formed when oil and dead skin cells (yes, ew) get trapped in your hair follicles. Rather than picking at your breakouts at home, leave it to the professionals. There’s a chance you could damage your own skin.  

Infusion of Multi-action Solution

Using a crystal-free tip this time, a Multi-action Solution filled with antioxidants combating free radicals was infused into my skin. At this step, as weird as it sounds, the skin felt cleaner. Especially after the extractions.

Ultrasonic Treatment Infusion

I asked Lorna for alternatives if someone was uncomfortable using an ultrasonic device and she mentioned that massaging techniques would be used! I was down for the device and a customised serum was paired with it. Lorna chose to use an Intense Hydrating Serum to lock-in moisture and soothe the skin, calming sensitivity and redness.

DRx Medispa Deep Cleansing Facial included a Therapeutic Facial Mask

DRx Medispa Deep Cleansing Facial included a Therapeutic Facial Mask

Therapeutic Facial Mask

Personally, I rather enjoyed this step as it concluded with a personalised Therapeutic Facial Mask. With mint and seaweed, my mask felt very cooling and refreshing. This mask also reminded me of an old film, The Mask. (Any Jim Carrey fans?)

After DRx Medispa Essential Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment (No makeup)

After DRx Medispa Essential Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment (No makeup)

DRx Medispa Essential Deep Cleansing Facial is recommended for those who need that detox for the skin – no, not a quick 15 minutes clay detox mask. I mean an hour worth of deep cleansing and rejuvenating to bring our complexions back to life. Regular skincare maintenance is vital for better-looking skin, especially for those who apply makeup during the weekdays.

My skin feels so much smoother now, and my makeup routine has become one step shorter as I have decided to skip primers (hello, smooth-baby-butt skin.) Guess this is why people think of facials or even haircuts as personal therapy —  I had such a great time at DRx Medispa due to the great conversations with Lorna (she was really attentive), learning about skincare while having skincare treatments applied on my skin. The next appointment, I’ll be dragging my BFF for another hour of DRx Essential Deep Cleansing Facial for 2 People. 

Facials may seem daunting to most first-timers but remember, it is important to understand your skin first, then seek an appropriate aesthetic treatment.


DRx Medical Aesthetic Clinic and Medispa (Tong Building)

302 Orchard Road, #16-01/02
Singapore 238862
Tel: +65 6733 1555

Monday to Friday:
10am to 8pm

10am to 5pm (Clinic)
10am to 8pm (Medispa & Trichology Centre)

10am to 5pm (Clinic)
10am to 6pm (Medispa & Trichology Centre)

Closed on Public Holidays

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