Reveal Glowing Skin with Skin Treatments Suitable for Oily Skin

Reveal Glowing Skin with These Skin Treatments Suitable for Oily Skin | Layersofskins Singapore

"I want glowing skin!"

There is a difference between glowy and oily skin

Bet you've dealt with oily skin for far too long— You're on the hunt for targeted skincare, made for oily skin. From moisturisers to cleansers, there’s really a heck load of products out there.

Have you tried these skin treatments before? Here's how you can refresh and revive your oily skin care routine to reveal natural glowing skin.

1. Peter Thomas Roth Peptide 21 Amino Acid Exfoliating Peel Pads

Exfoliating peel pads with Amino Acids.

Don't be afraid of peel pads. This one is alcohol-free and contains 20% exfoliating complex of Phytic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Sodium Lactate. Your skin will even out and the pads help other skincare products in your routine absorb better.

Editor's Tip: Peter Thomas Roth recommends to use it 1 to 3 times a week first, increasing it to daily if only your skin can take it. As it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), use a sunscreen while using this product!

2. Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Serum

Dr. Barbara Sturm   Clarifying Serum  via Net-a-porter

Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Serum via Net-a-porter

Contains active ingredients like Cellulose peeling particles.

With active ingredients like Albatrellus Ovinus Extract, it calms and evens the skin quickly. So, how was this Clarifying Serum born? You’ve got to thank Dr. Barbara Sturm's patients as they were asking plenty of questions regarding adult acne.

This serum provides the necessary moisture and complexion-perfecting ingredients to improve appearance of the complexion. If your skin is oily due to lack of hydration, you may want to try Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream Light, a lightweight face cream recommended for warmer climates like Singapore.

3. NOVU Aesthetics Clarifix

Perhaps it's time to let the professionals do the work— NOVU Aesthetics Clarifix is a non-invasive treatment using beams of light to remove discolouration like acne spots, age spots and even tattoos. Clarifix uses Nd;Yag laser, where it penetrates the dermis to promote collagen production while deep cleansing the pores at the same time. It is recommended to undergo this treatment 3 to 5 times a week within the span of 3 weeks.

Editor's Tip: There will be mild redness and possible peeling during downtime period. However, you can reduce inflammation quickly using the right calming skincare products. Aloe vera gel is my personal favourite.

4. NOVU Aesthetics P+ Phyto Laser

A non-ablative and non-invasive laser treatment.

If you're new to skin laser treatments, I highly recommend this P+ Phyto Laser by NOVU Aesthetics. With oily skin, comes acne. P+ Phyto laser improves skin clarity and controls acne breakouts by facilitating acne recovery and disperses the melanin for faster scar recovery.

Good news is, there is close to no downtime! The laser started a little ticklish then prickly, but yet bearable.

Editor's Tip: Laser-treatment-newbies, you may want to read our review on NOVU Aesthetics treatments!

5. GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD Glow Stimulating and Exfoliating Treatment Mask

GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD Glow Stimulating and Exfoliating Treatment Mask is the brand's latest mask where it helps to exfoliate skin with Volcanic Pumice Rock and Natural Clays to remove impurities, without stripping the skin's natural oil. One thing I know about all GLAMGLOW products— Your skin is always left feeling baby-butt smooth.

We found bestselling products created for dry skin, some even claiming instant radiance and hydration. If your oily skin is caused by dehydration, you may want to check this out!