NOVU's New Ultra-C Treatment, Brighten Skin with Vitamin C

Recharge radiance of your skin with Ultra-C. Image source:  @Novuaesthetics

Recharge radiance of your skin with Ultra-C. Image source: @Novuaesthetics


Boost and Glow with NOVU Aesthetics Ultra-C Treatment

Achieve brighter skin within 15 minutes

NOVU Aesthetics latest treatment, Ultra-C is a new treatment combining the technology of Ultrasound, Cryo Infusion and Nano Oxygen, applying 15% concentration of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to promote the many benefits of this popular skincare ingredient—One of which, includes slowing down the formation of hyperpigmentation.

NOVU Aesthetics Ultra-C Treatment

NOVU Aesthetics uses a high concentration of Vitamin-C at 15%, and it contributes to a 72 hour reservoir effect. This effect means that the Vitamin-C remains effective in the skin for up to 72 hours, even if you wash your face.

Editor's Tip: We heard the Vitamin-C serum they use has a pH level of less than 3! 

By adding Vitamin C serum into your skincare routine, your skin tone gets even and anti-aging concerns like fine lines and wrinkles will gradually improve.

There are three processes of this treatment:

  • Ultrasound

  • Cryo Infusion

  • Nano Oxygen Infusion Spray


Firstly, Vitamin C serum is applied on the face with an ultrasound probe. The ultrasonic waves stimulate collagen production and your skin receives an instant lift and a healthy glow.

Cryo Infusion

Sensitive skin peeps, you'll love this. The Cryo Infusion technology is used to increase the absorption of nutrients into the skin. The probe produces a cooling sensation and it helps to calm down redness and lock in moisture.

Nano Oxygen Infusion Spray

Feels like a mist but it's actually a high-pressure device delivering oxygen to penetrate the Vitamin-C serum into your skin.

You may try NOVU's new Ultra-C Treatment at $68 for a first-time trial.